One Key Team Member Is Returning for the ‘Mission: Impossible’ Sequels

     January 7, 2020


Filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie is prolific on Twitter, often engaging with fans and offering pieces of tough love and behind-the-scenes advice. Does the fact that he’s writing and directing the upcoming Mission: Impossible sequels, both 7 and 8, limit his use of Twitter? Not so much. In fact, the director, who previously helmed the acclaimed Rogue Nation and Fallout installments of the Tom Cruise action franchise, recently revealed which key creative member will be returning to the production of 7 and 8 thanks to his handy Twitter account.

In the Fallout home video special features, McQuarrie and that film’s editor Eddie Hamilton recorded a commentary, getting into the nitty-gritty of cutting together a big-budget action masterpiece. Twitter user @SteffanHonour asked McQuarrie if we’d get a similar inside look for the seventh and eighth installments, and McQuarrie responded that he and Hamilton would put together an entire featurette getting into the artistry and technical craft behind editing. Cool, right? Just one thing: McQuarrie had never announced Hamilton was coming back to edit the picture.


Image via Paramount Pictures

So, Moviefone writer Drew Taylor decided to ask McQuarrie directly: “Is this confirmation that Mr. Hamilton will be returning for #MI78?” McQuarrie’s cheeky response? “Don’t leave home without him.” And there you have it. Thanks to some transparent back-and-forths on Twitter, we now know that McQuarrie is reuniting with one of the key creative architects on his amazing Mission: Impossible films. These movies are such paramounts of craft, and Hamilton’s sharp cutting is a huge part of why they work. It’s downright exciting to hear he’ll be back for the sequels, and we can’t wait to see who else McQuarrie reunites with — and which new folks he wants to bring into the mix, too.

Check out the Twitter conversation embedded below. For more on the Mission: Impossible franchise, check out our intel on new faces Shea Whigham and Pom Klementieff joining the fun. Plus: the best action set pieces of the 2010s.

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