Mitch Hurwitz Talks about the New Episodes of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT; Says They Function as “Act One” of the Movie

     September 4, 2012


Though series creator Mitch Hurwitz has stayed mum on many of the plot details regarding the upcoming revival of Arrested Development, he recently spoke to Vulture about the show, and revealed a few “spoilers” (brace yourselves for the big reveal: “Michael walks through a door”).  He also claimed to own Ron Howard body and soul, and can force him to do whatever he wants (like come back to narrate the show).  For more about the emotions and excitement on set to bring this great series back, plus other tidbits from the interview, hit the jump.

arrested-development-ron-howard-jason-bateman-mitch-hurwitzRegarding the cast reunion, Hurwitz said that since each of the first episodes all focus on one character, the bulk of the cast did not come together until about two weeks into shooting.  But at that point,

“The day a bigger group of the cast did get together really was amazing. We were in an old set and hearing some of those voices together. I think everyone involved was kind of dumbstruck by it. It really wasn’t supposed to happen in a way; shows don’t “come back.” And this was the moment we realized it had.”

The creator commented a bit on the plot of these new episodes and how they relate to the eventual Arrested Development movie:

“The episodes are an outgrowth of the design of what we hope will be the movie. They precede it. They function as an act one of a movie that we all want to do, but haven’t ‘sold’ yet. The episodes take the audience through the experiences of the characters since the family ‘fell apart’ and how they’re brought together to deal with their new problems.”

Arrested-Development-imageAs for the restoration of the set and whether the Segway would be back:

“One of the lesser known realities of the shrinking television [business] is that studios strip the walls and sell off the props when shows are cancelled. So many of the elements we’re revisiting have needed to be rebuilt or made. So some of the changes are subtle. For instance they discontinued the carpet we used in Lucille’s penthouse as well the one we cut Tobias’s moustache from. But we found a new paisley that works for both. Also the original Segway is out of production so we had to put some old pieces on a new one. But I’ve always been known for my awkward segues. If you get a chance I’d love to get a picture of you as a baby.”

arrested-development-tv-shoow-image-blue-tobias-01Well played, Mitch, well played. As far as the partnership Hurwitz has with Netflix, it seems a particularly happy one:

“The beauty of Netflix is that we theoretically have an opportunity to provide more material for them. We’re definitely shooting some special material just for them. But their whole outlook completely mirrors the ambitions of this show. [Netflix chief content officer] Ted Sarandos and I have really spent a lot of time finding the ideal way to tailor the show to their platform and I think we have something that embraces the new medium.”

In the end, Hurwitz says this really has been about the fans and their (our) cultish devotion:

“We all went back into this because of the devotion of the fans, and a desire to bring some fun to them — and to ourselves. It definitely did start out being somewhat daunting, but I think for all of us we just got back into the groove. Oh, and we have this new JarJar Bluth character so there’s no way anyone will be disappointed.”

For the full interview, head over to Vulture.