MMA Fighter Rampage Jackson Set to Pity Fools as BA Baracus in Joe Carnahan’s A-TEAM

     September 7, 2009


The guy playing the role of Sgt. Bosco A. Baracus is named “Rampage Jackson”.  If this doesn’t tell you that Joe Carnahan knows what he’s doing with his adaptation of the 1983 television series, “The A-Team”.  You don’t want a name-actor in the role of BA Baracus.  The role was made famous by Mr. T.  You don’t want an actor with nuance who can get to the core of B.A.  You don’t even want to a guy who can “do justice to the role”.  You want a guy named “Rampage Jackson”.  Hit the jump to learn more about about “Rampage Jackson” and why I’ll never get tired of that name.

According to The Vancouver Sun, MMA fighter Mr. Jackson (“Rampage” to his friends), met with producers to discuss the role on August 19th and then arrived in Vancouver last Friday to begin six weeks of filming.  While Jackson will be working as a coach of competing wannabe MMA fighters on the Spike TV reality series “The Ultimate Fighter” starting on September 19th, the Sun notes that the film will cut into his UFC career which I’m sure Mr. Jackson will lament while he’s playing B.A. Baracus in a big-screen adaptation of an “A-Team” movie co-starring Liam Neeson as Hannibal Smith and directed by Joe Carnahan.  I think after he’s finished filming, he’ll be able to recover by beating all the shit out of other fighters.

And why is this news so great?  Well aside from not having a name actor who overshadows the role and is more faithful to Mr. T who spent ten years as a bouncer-cum-bodyguard, the guy’s name is “Rampage Jackson”.  Technically, his name is Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, but I don’t care because my point is this: put the word “Rampage” in front of your last name and see how much better you feel about your life.

Written by Rampage Goldberg