75 Things You Didn’t Know about Disney’s ‘Moana’ from the Feature-Filled Blu-ray

     March 15, 2017


With Moana, Disney has created one of the most original, culturally important, and progressive movies in their long and storied history. Oscar-nominated veteran directors John Musker and Ron Clements brought their decades of experience to bear on this cutting-edge animated production that exceeded expectations on the technological front as well as storytelling side of things. Newcomer Auli’i Cravalho was a miraculous find who has now become synonymous with the title character, while action-movie star Dwayne Johnson shows his silly (and at times dramatic) side as the demi-god Maui, though the leads are just two of the film’s many roles played by Polynesian actors, with Alan Tudyk being the sole exception, an impressive feat in and of itself.

There’s a lot to the story of Moana–the history behind its five-year journey to the screen, the technological achievements that had to be created to bring the movie to life the way the animators wanted it to be, the thousands of years of culture and history of Pacific Islanders that served as inspiration and a storytelling touchstone–that comes across on screen, but like islands and reefs, there’s so much more to find beneath the surface. Luckily, the newly released Blu-ray takes viewers on an in-depth journey behind the scenes of Moana and unveils the incredible culture, creative effort, and feats of engineering that went into making the magical movie.


Image via Disney

For Disney fanatics, this Blu-ray is a must-own and the Bonus Features are must-watch videos. Musker and Clements take viewers on a journey to the Pacific Islands that acts as a sort of historical mini-documentary that makes you appreciate the culture behind Moana even more. Folks who enjoy the technical side of things will be awed by the achievements the software engineers and animation artists have come up with, continuing to push the boundaries of animated features. Plus, there’s a lot of trivia, Easter eggs, deleted scenes, and additional music to be found! (All I want of Moana now is news of an animated series, please.)

Here are 75+ things you didn’t know about Moana and more:

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