‘Molly’s Game’ Trailer: Jessica Chastain Leads Aaron Sorkin’s High Stakes Directorial Debut

     August 15, 2017


STFfilms has released the first Molly’s Game trailer for the directorial debut of Oscar-winning The Social Network screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin wrote the script for Molly’s Game himself (obviously) and the true story drama stars Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloom, an Olympic-class skier who ran the world’s most exclusive high-stakes poker game for more than a decade before being arrested in the middle of the night by gun-wielding FBI agents.

Bloom wrote a tell-all book about her exploits called Molly’s Game, but in this trailer we clearly see Idris Elba‘s character holding a copy, which means Sorkin isn’t doing a straight adaptation here—he’s mining various aspects of Molly’s life for one intense story that seems to chronicle the before, during, and after of Molly’s poker days. This is a great trailer that really highlights Sorkin’s signature dialogue, and visually it looks like Sorkin learned the most (or at least most wanted to emulate) David Fincher. Indeed, Sorkin was actually in line to make The Social Network his directorial debut if Fincher passed, and as you see on the Social Network “making of” documentary, Fincher actually left the set on the last day so he could let Sorkin direct a scene himself.

The cast here is fantastic and I cannot wait to see them knocking this script out of the park. And no, it’s not to early to consider Chastain (and Sorkin’s script for that matter) an Oscar contender. The film was also just announced to be having its world premiere at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival, where many Oscar movies get a boost, so look for Collider’s review from TIFF next month.

Check out the Molly’s Game trailer below. The film also stars Kevin Costner, Michael Cera, Jeremy Strong, Chris O’Dowd, and Bill Camp. Molly’s Game opens in theaters on November 22nd.

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