Over 70 Pictures from Mondo and EC Comic’s TALES FROM THE CRYPT Gallery Show in Austin

     October 25, 2013


Having watched Tales from the Crypt on television (along with the several spin-off movies on VHS) in the 90s when I was younger, I had a vague yet fond recollection of it once Mondo announced this year’s October gallery show.  While this year’s show was not as absolutely crazy as last year’s October Universal Monsters show (where mofo’in Drew Struzan made a guest appearance), it was very fun and different in its own right.  Overall, fans of the Tales from the Crypt show or comic will be happy to check out the art and posters.  Hit the jump for tons of pictures and more info on the show.

The Cryptkeeper from Tales from the Crypt was the main guy I recall from way back in the day, and he was perfectly represented in Ken Taylor’s piece in all his glory.  Not only was he hand drawn, he was there in person!  Well, okay, he was in just doll form, but he looked spooky chilling out and holding a vinyl.  Further down from the Cryptkeeper, I noticed that Mondo had a foggy cauldron that contained some sort of mixed drink.  I did not dare consume the liquid since I had already had a few beers from The Parlor a few doors down from the Mondo gallery with my friend Pineapple, but I heard that it was super tasty.

The show mainly contained original pieces that were very reasonably priced.  The steal of the show was the super detailed Vault of Horror #41 by Neal Russler (check out some photos further below).  I kept going back to that piece over and over again putting my face closer and closer to it to check out all the elaborate details – man, oh, man.  I was both pleased and displeased when I saw the red pin next to the gallery card which notated that it was sold – pleased because I was not about to spend $900 but also displeased because I would not have the chance again to own such a meticulously crafted piece.  It was rumored that Harry Knowles of Ain’t it Cool bought the piece.

A few screen prints also graced the floor.  The Ken Taylor one was a favorite, of course, since it featured the Cryptkeeper with a bangin’ hair-do, but there were also several more that ranged from 18×24 to 24×36 in size.  You could even buy an original of one of the screen prints.  This time, Mondo decided to switch it up with the variant versions (except for the Taylor variant) – instead of having the normal variant like they normally do with metallic inks, etc., they decided to just have variants be the black and white linework in order to make them more comic book in style.  Be warned, however, that the linework variant pieces are probably sold out by now.  One piece had 11 linework variants, while other pieces had the maximum of 30 linework variants.  Talk about limited!

Thanks again, Mondo, for an excellent time.  Here’s a ton of pics followed by the artist names.

The following artists created pieces for the show:


Jacon Bannon

Florian Bertmer

Mike Budai

Jack Davis

Luke Drozd

Jason Edmiston

Graham Erwin

James Flames

Francesco Francavilla

Ken Garduno

Michael Hacker

Shane Hillman

Brandon Holt

Alex r. Krzhner

Shawn K. Knight


Jeff Lemire

Drew Millward

Chris Mooneyham

Phantom City Creative

“Ghoulish” Gary Pullin

Jim Rugg

Neal Russler


Eric Skillman

William Stout

Ken Taylor

Ash Thorp

Mark Todd

Warwick Johnson Cadwell

Bruce White

Chris Wright


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