June 13, 2012


If you’re just joining us here at poster-enthusiast HQ, Limited Paper is an ongoing column keeping you up to date on all poster-related shenanigans from around the world (but mostly the States).  For the past few weeks, we’ve been running Limited Paper as a weekly column, a once-per-seven-days affair packed to the breaking point with pictures, poster drop news, speculation, and “Things Worth Getting Excited About”.  This week, we’re rolling out a new version of Limited Paper (yes, already), and what better way to ring in that new version than some extremely exciting Mondo-and-Breaking Bad-related news?

So.  Ya wanna find out how you can get your grubby mitts on Dan McCarthy’s amazing E.T. The Extraterrestrial print?  Wanna know when The Beyond’s vinyl release drops?  Looking for some hot Kahn-on-paper action?  How about the newest part of Gallery1988’s Breaking Bad series?  Meet me after the jump, my fellow poster collectors.

mondo-logo-01For its past two installments, Limited Paper has been a weekly affair, an eye-bursting, bullet-point abusing behemoth that some have called “awesome” (that’d be Mondo’s Justin Ishmael)…and others have called “hard for me to read because it’s so damn big” (that’d be my nearly-blind and internet-confused uncle, Roger).  Well, we’ve taken the feedback under consideration, done the math, kissed a few hands and shaken a few babies, and it’s been decided that—from here on out—Limited Paper will be a more-than-once-per-week affair.  That’s right:  we’re splitting Limited Paper into easier-to-digest pieces.

You’ll still be getting all the kickass news you’ve come to expect from Limited Paper over the past few weeks, of course, it’ll just be arriving in smaller bites.  Case in point:  today’s column, numero tres, which is here to tell you all about the trio of kickass goodies dropping via (link: tomorrow afternoon.  First up, let’s take a look at the press release as issued by Mondo moments ago:

We are very excited to announce our newest LP project. We will be releasing THE BEYOND on vinyl tomorrow in two different colorways which will be randomly inserted into orders. Check out the official announcement on BLOODY DISGUSTING where you can see detail images of the package design and the actual vinyl!

Summer of 1982 has also been an AMAZING series at the Alamo Drafthouse and we’ll be releasing leftover posters for E.T. and THE WRATH OF KHAN.

Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement. This LP and these posters will be available online at a random time on Thursday, June 14th.

So, let’s go through that a piece at a time.  First up the prints.

According to this announcement, all the collectors out there who weren’t around to score ET (during the drop that happened at the Alamo Drafthouse’s Summer of 1982 screening of ET The Extraterrestrial on Friday) will now be able to get their hands on one of Dan McCarthy’s  amazing prints.  I was lucky enough to have a buddy score one of these for me while I was out of town, and I can assure you that this one’s a stunner in-person.  Here are the specs:


  • 36×24 – $45 regular edition of 375
  • 36×24 – $75 variant edition of 145



The other poster being released—created by We Buy Your Kids for another Summer of 1982 screening—will be the eagerly-anticipated Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Kahn (or just Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn, if you’re OCD about those kinda things…nerd).  This screenprint was originally supposed to be on sale at the June 3rd screening of the flick (the very same screening where Badass Digest’s Devin Faraci got a Star Fleet tattoo on-stage prior to the film), but a printing error stopped it from being distributed.

Anyone who purchased a print at that screening should still have their extra-special Star Fleet coupons (good for picking up the print at the Mondo Gallery—at 41st and Guadalupe in downtown Austin, TX, as if you didn’t know—as soon as the prints arrive from D&L Printing), but everyone else will now be free to pick theirs up in the online drop tomorrow.  Here are the specs on that one:


  • 18×24 – $40 edition of 220


And, finally, there’s the latest vinyl release from Mondo’s newly-minted (well, somewhat newly-minted:  seems like they released that Maniac LP a year ago now, doesn’t it?) music-production arm, a soundtrack for Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond.  If you recall, the brilliant Ken Taylor released a print for that film during Fantastic Fest 2011, and the soundtrack’s release was announced several months back.  Now Mondo’s made good on that announcement, and the results (which can be seen below), look absolutely fantastic:

  • Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Edition of 1,500 (1,000 copies on black vinyl, 500 copies on clear turquoise, all randomly inserted). $20



Then again, why should that come as a surprise?  This one’s been designed by Grammy-award-winning package-designer and all-around badass Rob Jones (also a head honcho over at, don’tchaknow), and…well, it’s easy to see why this dude’s work has won awards, no?  The LP will be available for a cool $20, and is limited to a run of 1500, 500 of which are going to be printed on special-colored vinyl (the remaining thousand LP’s will be normal-black).

Again, for all things Mondo, follow them on Twitter.

Oh, and here’s some bonus Limited Paper News for you Breaking Bad fans out there:  the latest piece in Gallery1988’s ongoing Breaking Bad series is available for purchase right this very minute, and captures one of the most important locations in the Breaking Bad universe—Gus Fring’s Los Pollos Hermanos.  Let’s take a look at that print right…now.

LOS POLLOS HERMANOS by Jessica Deahl (edition of 200)

  • 18×24 – $50


So far, the Breaking Bad series has been very divisive amongst fans, with Daniel Danger’s My Name is Walter Hartwell White, Tom Whalen’s Hector Salamanaca and Rhys Cooper’s recently released The Rise and Fall of Jesse Pinkman being the clear frontrunners for “most popular Breaking Bad print thus far”.  This latest one’s bound to be just as divisive, if early reaction’s any indication.  Is it too much to hope for a Stout, Ansin, Taylor, or Moss piece before this thing wraps?  Anyway, here are the specs if you’re interested (and, by the way, you’ll be buying the print at this link if you’re interested).  Also, follow and @breakinggifs to keep up to date on the prints.

That does it for now, folks, but you should absolutely stick around:  we’re going to have much, much more Limited Paper for you in the future.   Keep your eyes peeled for new news on the Ltd. Art Gallery’s forthcoming RAYGUNS & ROBOTS show, some updates on the Phone Booth Gallery’s A Distant Winter gallery opening, and—on the slightly-more-distant horizon– some extremely special San Diego Comic Con reportage and some extremely exciting news regarding Mondo Mystery Movie 10, happening on July 5th (!!!).

Limited Paper’s gonna keep you covered every step of the way, folks, so stay tuned to…frequently.

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