Limited Paper: Jock and Mondo Unveil Poster for the Year’s Best Action Film, THE RAID

     August 14, 2012

the raid poster

About a year or so ago, film festival-goers started ranting and raving about the mindblowing badassery of Gareth EvansThe Raid, a film that is to the action genre what Chuck Norris is to humanity.  Earlier this year, The Raid finally broke free of the festival circuit and toured a number of smaller, art-house theaters to similar critical acclaim, and today—now that the film’s finally available on DVD and Blu-ray—it’s expected that the buzz surrounding the flick will finally evolve into what The Raid’s been destined for all along:  cult-classic status.

To commemorate this awesome bit of news, the good folks at Mondo teamed up with Jock to produce an appropriately blunt, perfectly imposing screenprint for Evans’ film.  Wanna see it, and find out where you can get your own Thursday?  Find out after the jump, folks.

When Limited Paper caught Gareth Evans’ The Raid at this year’s SXSW Film Festival, we stumbled out of the theater feeling like we’d just had our asses handed to us.  The rumors were true:  The Raid really is the best action film of the year, a balls-out, blunt-force assault on the senses that doesn’t let up for a millisecond during its 100-minute running time.  Really, there simply isn’t enough hyperbole in the world to describe just how in love we were with the flick after that first screening.

The-Raid-Fight poster

Good news is, The Raid holds up to multiple viewings.  Even better news is, the film just hit DVD and Blu-ray (no, really:  it’s out today), so all the people who weren’t lucky enough to live in a city where The Raid screened earlier this year can finally join the rest of us on the blood-soaked bandwagon trailing along behind the flick.  To celebrate this genuinely awesome bit of news, Mondo and Jock teamed up for this:

  • The Raid by Jock
  • 20×36”
  • $45 edition of 275

Mondo-Jock-The-Raid poster

That’s new work by Jock, by the way, who you might recall as the dude we recently interviewed about that incredibly badass Dark Knight Rises poster that dropped during Comic-Con.  Head on over to this page to see what he had to say when we chatted him up last week, but first…let’s finish the business at hand.

How can you get your hands on one?  The usual way:  head on over to and make sure you’re following @MondoNews, and then wait for the Tweet to come in announcing that the poster’s gone on sale over at Mondo’s website.  As always, we salute the brave men and women who are going to enter the fray and attempt to score one of these tomorrow, and hope that their skills remain sharp, their internet connections strong, and their PayPal-Fu just as devastating as…well, as the assbeatings doled out in Gareth Evans’ film.  We suspect that this one’s gonna be a tough one.

Mondo-Comic-Con-Jock-Dark-Knight-Rises poster

Stay tuned for more from Limited Paper in the days ahead, folks!  We’ve got an exclusive announcement/poster reveal headed your way tomorrow, not one but two contests, several interviews, and a slew of announcements for you in the days and weeks ahead, and you’re not going to want to miss a moment of it:  get signed up over @LimitedPaper on Twitter for up-to-the-minute announcements, or—if you’re a gallery, artist, or just some dude looking to pass along a hot tip regarding an upcoming poster release—drop us a line directly via email at  Everyone else?  You’re free to sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts on this kick-ass print:  going to go for it?  Going to avoid the drop?  Picking up The Raid on Blu-ray?  We wanna hear about it, so sound off below!

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