Mondo’s Second Collaboration With Poster Legend Drew Struzan Revealed to be THE THING, On Sale in Austin This Friday

     June 20, 2012

The-Thing-Drew Struzan-mondo-Slice

The Alamo Drafthouse’s Summer of ’82 series has been going strong all summer long, offering up screenings of movies that have—when you get right down to it—kind of mopped the floor with virtually all of the new movies Hollywood’s released this summer.  Part of the fun has been seeing which of these screenings would get a Mondo poster, and this morning we finally got confirmation on one Mondo-related rumor we’ve been hearing for some time:  this Friday’s The Thing screening is getting a print…and it’s a doozy.  Meet me after the jump for more info, folks…

As the guy writes Limited Paper for, I’m supposed to be right on top of every last bit of poster-related news.  When it gets shouted down the mountain to me from the Poster Gods, I’m supposed to absorb that news, sit down at the keyboard, and disseminate it to all of you.  This has never been a problem in the past, but today…well, today I’m finding it extremely hard to focus.  Wanna know why?  Look at this (and pay attention to those specs):

  • The Thing screenprint by Drew Struzan
  • 26” x 38” $250 Regular Edition of 440
  • $350 Variant (Glow-in-The Dark) Edition of 150



Sweet Jesus.  How in the hell am I supposed to get my job done with that going on?

As a megafan of John Carpenter’s 1982 sci-fi/horror classic The Thing, it’s difficult to concentrate with that staring back at me from my monitor.  As a diehard Mondo fan, it’s nearly impossible to stay centered long enough to regurgitate those specs to you—a Glow-in-The-Dark variant?!  Only 150 of them?!  A gloriously large 26”x38”?!  Spartan, this is madness!–  without completely losing my train of thought.  And as someone who’s got tickets to this screening and has every intention of being there as soon as possible on Friday…the announcement of this Struzan piece has made the 48 hour wait in front of me even more difficult.

The print was revealed this morning by—the website that’s co-presenting the screening with Fandango/the Alamo Drafthouse—and over at that page, they’ve also got a really solid little interview with Drew Struzan, the genius behind that gorgeous piece of artwork.  You should absolutely swing by to check that out (along with a few more details re: Friday’s The Thing screening at the Alamo Ritz in downtown Austin, TX) as soon as possible.  Anyone who’s not going to be in Austin this Friday should expect more news regarding an online drop for The Thing sometime soon (when?  No idea, but let’s hope—for the non-locals’ sake—that it’s not too long).

Stay tuned, folks!  Much more on the way!  Later this afternoon we’ll have an interview with Poster Mountain’s John Davis— the only man in America whose skilled team of poster-fixers can turn your damaged artwork into its former mint-condition glory—and I’ll be back on Saturday with a full-blown report from the Thing screening, including photos, video, and whatever other “from-the-trenches” information I can wrangle together.  Sound off below if you’ve got anything to add, folks!

And for those interested in buying a print (via Mondo):

” Posters will be available for sale for 6/22 ticket holders ONLY (that means both screenings 7:00PM & 10:30PM) Ticket holders have first dibs from approximately 5:00PM-7:00PM until the first screening begins. We will be there to organize the line beginning around 4PM. If you choose to arrive before that, be prepared to be reorganized according to our traffic plan.

After the first screening begins (approximately 7:00PM) we will open the sale to everyone else, that includes ticket holders for future shows and the general public.  Because the lobby of the Ritz is very small we will not allow Non-Ticket holders to queue up inside. There will be a separate line formed outside.

We will NOT be providing tubes. There is simply not enough room. We will be rolling the posters in Kraft paper, with Tissue. If you would like to bring your own tube, you are more than welcome to.  Customers will be allowed to buy one of each poster, and they are first come, first serv

We will also be marking tickets after purchase so they are not reused.ed.

No line holding, or buying for someone else who is waiting in line for the screening. You will only be able to purchase posters for yourself.”

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