‘Monster Hunter’ Trailer Sees Milla Jovovich & Her Friends Battling Big, Bad Beasts

     October 14, 2020


The official trailer for director Paul W.S. Anderson‘s Monster Hunter has finally arrived. We got our first look at the video-game-to-screen adaptation Monster Hunter a little over a week ago. That teaser trailer not only revealed the Monster Hunter cast (as well as a hulking Black Diablos monster) but also confirmed the movie’s release date had been pushed up from April 2021 to December 2020.

The live-action movie adaptation of Monster Hunter comes from Constantin Films and Capcom, the latter of which was behind the Monster Hunter video game on which the movie is based. Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa lead an all-star cast, which includes T.I.Meagan GoodDiego BonetaRon Perlman, and Jin Au-Yeung. Anderson serves as both the director and co-writer for the epic live-action take on Monster Hunter, with Capcom’s Kaname Fujioka, who also worked on the original video game, also getting a writing credit. The Monster Hunter movie will follow Lt. Artemis (Jovovich) and her crew (T.I., Good, and Boneta) as they try to survive in a completely foreign world where strange and unusual monsters with powers pop up at every turn.

Okay, this movie looks Bad. Ass. There’s a good chance my feelings might be slightly skewed on this since I never played Capcom’s Monster Hunter, but this trailer has me sold. It’s nice to see Jovovich back in full kick-ass mode, with a team ready and by her side. Given the unique world this cast of characters is being plunged into, I also hope (and expect) Anderson is going to go all-out in adapting Capcom’s vision into something worthy of the big screen. There’s evidence of this in the trailer, too, but you always have to wait and see how it all shakes out.

Monster Hunter is set for theatrical release on December 30. Watch the official trailer below. For more, why not check out our ranking of every video game movie made to date and start contemplating where Monster Hunter will fit in?

Allie Gemmill is the Weekend Contributing Editor for Collider. You can follow them on Twitter @_matineeidle.

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