MONSTERS, INC. 2 to Be a Prequel?

     January 3, 2011


File this one in the rumor pile for now, but the upcoming sequel to Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. might actually be a prequel.  Disney Central Plaza [via Stitch Kingdom] is reporting that a Disney film catalog has a brief plot synopsis for the film.  According to the catalog, Monsters, Inc. 2,

“will take us back to before a time when Mike Wazowski was top comedian, before James P. Sullivan was top scarer, even before the buddies joined the MI workforce. In fact it takes us all the way back to school — the University of Fear to be precise.  Although the two start out as frenemies, Monsters, Inc. 2 will weave the tale of how the dynamic duo transition from rivals to BFFs.”

That’s an interesting premise, although it should be noted that the plots of Pixar’s films have a tendency to change and evolve over the course of development.  Monsters, Inc. 2 (tentative title) is set for release on November 2, 2012.  Pete Docter will return to direct.

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