Moon Bloodgood in TERMINATOR 4

     April 21, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

I know that the new “Terminator” movie is now supposed to be called “Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins,” but I’m with Matt on this one. Until they come up with a title that doesn’t remind me of those “Goal!” movies (“Terminator: the Dream Begins”) I will continue to refer to it as “Terminator 4” – or “T4” – to it’s friends.

“Terminator 4” already has a lot going for it – first, and always most important to me, it has Christian Bale starring as the adult John Connor. That expert casting choice easily overrides the fact that McG is directing. The film also has Anton Yelchin as Reese, the young Connor acolyte originally played by Michael Biehn, and the incredible Paul Haggis is still crafting the screenplay. And now, rising out of a sea of testosterone, “T4” has finally found a female lead: Moon Bloodgood.

Despite having one of the coolest names in show biz (eat it, Soleil Moon Frye), Moon Bloodgood is not exactly well-known.She had a recurring role on NBC”s recent “Journeyman” series, but aside from thatBloodgood is known only for being out-acted by a pack of huskies in “Eight Below” and a few twirls around a stripper pole on CBS’s “CSI.” Landing the part in “Terminator 4” is a BIG deal for her, in other words.

Moonblood, I mean, Bloodgood will play a “no-nonsense and battle hardened member of the resistance,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. And will she get it on with John Connor in between battles or is she the kind of girl who would dig Marcus, the early version of the Terminator cyborg played by Arnie? That would be kind of creepy, but we’ll keep you posted.

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