Moon Bloodgood Topless Scene From TERMINATOR SALVATION

     October 30, 2009

Moon Bloodgood topless nude Terminator Salvation.jpg

When I spoke to McG when he was promoting “Terminator Salvation”, one of the things he told me was he’d be including 30 to 40 minutes of deleted scenes on the eventual DVD/Blu-ray.  He talked about an alternate ending and John Conner giving a big speech.  But the big deleted scene he mentioned was Moon Bloodgood topless.  In fact, the scene in question has been talked about since the film was being shot as a number of us who visited the set actually saw the scene in McG’s trailer while in New Mexico.  Also,  he’s mentioned it countless times in interviews and at conventions.

So with the DVD/Blu-ray getting released on December 1st, part of the scene has leaked and it’s after the jump.  The reason I say part of the scene is what you’re about to watch is not exactly what I saw on set.  When you get to the twenty second mark, you’ll see Bloodgood put her hands over her breasts. When I saw the scene, her hands never covered anything. It’ll be interesting to see if what I saw is on the DVD/Blu-ray, or if it’ll just be a memory from my set visit.  Either way, take a look:

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