MOONLIGHT Fans Bleed for Their Series

     April 3, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Die-hard fans of CBS’s vampire/sleuth show “Moonlight” are so eager to see their favorite show get picked up for a second season that they have arranged to give their blood to the cause. In a tie-in with the American Red Cross and the TV gripe site, the “Moonlight” faithful have pledged to donate pints of plasma in order to keep detective Mick St. John in sunglasses for one more year.

So, let’s see now: first we had peanuts to save “Jericho,” then little footballs to save “Friday Night Lights” and now blood for “Moonlight.” The first two at least made some sense, but am I the only one who thinks this blood-thing is a little creepy?

The online crusade has reportedly convinced over 3,000 people to donate their blood, though how that will be accomplished in reality is anyone’s guess. Will you go down to your local blood bank and make them sign a form stating “John donated this blood in honor of “Moonlight?” Unless the fans are going to send vials of blood directly to CBS headquarters, I really think this is a noble, but ultimately empty gesture.

Especially empty considering that CBS president Les Moonves already stated in December that, despite its low ratings, “Moonlight” would likely be renewed. Of course, post-writer’s strike, few ‘bubble’ shows are perfectly safe and I am sure that the vampire-lovers out there want to make their point BEFORE the axe falls on their fave this time around.

“Moonlight” star Alex O’Loughlin is reportedly so moved by the devotion of his fans that he has signed on to be an official spokesperson for the Red Cross. This is an actor whose character must drink human blood to survive. Did no one think this was just slightly ironic?

One person who is sure to remain unmoved by this latest grass-roots campaign is Les Moonves: it is well known that his heart pumps only bile.

Remember when TV fans were content to write strongly worded letters here.

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