‘Morbius’: Marvel’s Living Vampire Movie in the Works as a ‘Spider-Man’ Spin-off

     November 13, 2017


The good news is that Sony is moving ahead with their plans for an extended cinematic universe that spins out from their Spider-Man franchise, and they’re doing so with Marvel’s most famous vampire character: Blade Morbius. So whether you know the Living Vampire from his battles with Spider-Man in the comics, his appearance in the 90s animated series, or his anti-heroic adventures alongside the members of the Order of the Midnight Sons, or even if you don’t know Morbius at all, this should come as exciting news.

But here’s the bad news. As THR reports, the Spider-Man spin-off is indeed in the works, but its first script hails from writers Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama. And while I’m sure these gents are just fine, their current filmography will have to be our guide as to just how good or bad Morbius might end up being. So if you liked Dracula UntoldThe Last Witch HunterGods of Egypt, and/or the recent Power Rangers reboot, then chances are you’re already onboard for Morbius. The writers’ take and Sony’s notes on the character are not known just yet, so whether Morbius ends up with vampire fangs or weird blood-sucking hands instead remains to be seen.


Image via Marvel Comics

Created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gil KaneMorbius first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #101 as Dr. Michael Morbius. The scientist, who was attempting to cure himself from a blood disease and failed catastrophically, became afflicted with vampirism, complete with a thirst for blood, fangs, super-enhanced abilities, and even the power to glide by just concentrating really, really hard. Though Morbius battled Spider-Man for a time, he eventually became more of an anti-hero. It’s definitely a fun character that has a long history of stories to mine, but we’ll see how Sony handles it.

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