More DIGITAL 3D Coming Right At You!

     September 11, 2009

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Digital 3D is about to get a huge boost thanks to JP Morgan. One of the obstacles in preventing 3D from catching on in a big bad way is the relatively small number of theaters that are set up with the necessary equipment. Well that’s about to change with news that the aforementioned firm will be sending out briefing books for over $525 million to the country’s three largest theater chains (Regal, AMC, and Cinemark). This will result in the theater chains adding 3D embellishments to many of their technical repertoire. Hit the jump for more.

3D Glasses image - movie theater.jpgThe Hollywood Reporter has put the word out that this deal between JP Morgan and the theater chains will take a few months to go into full effect, but will be a huge boost in the roll out of Digital 3D equipment, which has been slow moving thanks in no small part to the international credit fiasco that has been plaguing the world economy for the last few years. This is certainly good news, the first thing springing to mind being that thousands more theater-goers will be able to experience excellent new 3D films the way they should be viewed such as this passed summer’s “Up” and the upcoming promised geek orgasm, James Cameron’s “Avatar”. As someone who was lucky enough to see the 3D footage at the San Diego Comic Con a couple of months ago, let me assure you that this flick must be seen in 3D to be fully appreciated.

I know that some people have their issues with 3D, considering it a passing fad much the way it was in the 1950’s and again in the 1980’s, and in many ways, it is. Theaters are having to compete with home entertainment more than ever, with new advancement in home theater systems, the advent of Blu-ray HD, and of course television reaching a level of quality never achieved before, I’m all about “Dexter” myself. The difference is the technology behind 3D is finally at a place where it can be an actual immersive aspect of the story telling, rather than just a series of gags involving shit flying in your face for an hour and a half. Pixar’s “Up” was a great example of this, as was February’s “Coraline”, these are films that really lose something when not viewed in 3D, and I’m sure there’s a lot of folks out there who missed out of seeing them in all their glory. And ultimately, that’s why this is such great news. More theaters with a full Digital 3D set up will mean more audiences getting to enjoy more films to their full extent, and hopefully, more films getting produced taking advantage of the technology. Just hope we get more “Avatar”s as opposed to more “Jaws 3D”s.



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