Morgan Freeman Interview RED; Watch the 20 Minute NYC Press Conference

     October 13, 2010

While some actors are great to watch onscreen, when you go to talk to them, after a few minutes you’re scrambling for things to talk about.  That isn’t the case with Morgan Freeman.  As you might imagine, when getting the opportunity to talk with this brilliant actor, you’re never out of subjects to discuss because if the conversation ever slows down, you can always ask about his 80 or so projects.

Anyhow, I recently attended the New York City press junket for Summit’s Red.  While I already posted my exclusive interview with Freeman, I was also able to participate in the 20 minute press conference.  Thankfully, Summit recorded the entire thing and provided me with the video.  So after the jump you can watch Freeman talk about making Red, working with the all-star cast, and talk about his previous projects.  My favorite part was when someone asked him if he wanted to make more action movies. H said that doing Robin Hood almost killed him and that was twenty years ago. He’s now 73 and he’s very happy not having to run around and jump on screen:

Red gets released this Friday.  You can watch a few clips here.  Look for a lot more video interviews with the cast soon:


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