Morgan Spurlock Exclusive Video Interview – Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden

     April 15, 2008

Opening this Friday is the new Morgan Spurlock movie “Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden.” If Morgan’s name sounds familiar to you…it’s because he previously made “Super Size Me” and he’s the creator of the TV show “30 Days” that airs on FX.

Anyway, his new movie is about his trying to locate one of the world’s most dangerous men…Osama Bin Laden. To do this, he travels around the world and talks to people in many different countries. What he finds might surprise you.

And if you liked “Super Size Me” or are a fan of Morgan’s show…I think you’ll really like his new movie.

So to promote the film, yesterday I was able to speak with Morgan and the interview’s below. And if you’ve been watching the video interviews on Collider for awhile…you may notice I’ve started putting myself on camera. I never wanted to put my face in the frame…but the cutting back and forth does help the interview. That’s the reason.

And if you missed the movie clips just click here.

Morgan Spurlock

  • Since he has been doing a lot of press for months…I ask what does he want to talk about.

  • Is he looking forward to being done with the press

  • What was the process like making the movie

  • Did he have any problems with the US Government while making the movie

  • Where do his ideas come from for making his movies

  • Where was he the most nervous

  • If he was going to go to one of the places he filmed in for the nightlife…where would he go

  • He talks about the upcoming season of 30 Days. Some of the episodes sound great.

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