Spawn MK 11 First Impressions, Fatalities, Brutalities & Ending Revealed

     March 11, 2020


The latest DLC character to hit Mortal Kombat 11 is the undead anti-hero Spawn, a man of capes, chains, guns, hellfire, and all manner of general supernatural violence. Created in the 1990s by comic book icon Todd McFarlane, the hero has been adapted into a number of different pieces of media, including an HBO animated series, a feature film starring Michael Jai White, and a few video games (including a guest appearance in Soul Calibur II).

Spawn looks amazing. His character model is big and colorful and incredibly detailed, and as I was told by WB Games, McFarlane had complete approval over the design. Best of all, he’s voiced by Keith David, who played the character in the animated series and has been a fan-favorite ever since.

Gameplay-wise, casual players may find Spawn a bit daunting. In the hour I got to spend with the character, I only barely scratched the surface of what he’s able to do. Most of his strengths lie in his variations, which are some of the most game-changing of any character in MK 11 so far. In addition to swapping out special moves better suited to your playstyle, Spawn has some variations that change the parameters of the match, such as sacrificing one of his meter bars in exchange for easier Krushing Blows or being able to perform Fatal Blows earlier.

Both of Spawn’s fatalities are absolutely wild and capitalize on the character’s habit of using his demonic chains to mete out gruesome justice. You can watch them both in the video below, but be warned that one of them makes liberal use of the word “degloved”. His ending is one of the longer ones I’ve seen, and involves Spawn recruiting Scorpion and Sub-Zero to help him kick the shit out of evildoers. (Honestly, it makes total sense that Spawn and Scorpion would connect, they have a whole lot in common.) And unless mine eyes deceive me, there’s a cameo of the 1997 film version of Clown tossed in there, which makes me want a Violater DLC character voiced by John Lequizamo added to the game post-haste.

You can check out a handful of Spawn’s intros, both his fatalities, some brutalities, and his ending below. Spawn is available March 17th for Kombat Pack owners (MK 11’s season pass), with a wide release on March 24th.


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