Watch RoboCop Fight Terminator in This Ultra Gory ‘Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath’ Trailer

     May 13, 2020


The official gameplay trailer for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath is here and it’s a gory, bone-crunching, visceral delight. Among the many highlights is the brief tease of what will no doubt be a very epic fight every time you play between RoboCop and the Terminator.

It’s been a year since Mortal Kombat 11 launched, but the hype around the game has definitely been renewed thanks to the impending rollout of the Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath DLC. The Aftermath trailer is a brutal and bloody preview, teasing match-ups with original Mortal Kombat characters, including Fujin and Sheeva, as well as newbies including RoboCop, Terminator, and Joker. As is the case with all fights previewed in the trailer, the fight between RoboCop features teases of the fatalities, special moves, and fighting environments available for the special Mortal Kombat characters. It’s unclear how RoboCop and Terminator will figure into the MK11 story, which is not only about epic one-on-one fights but also about a battle to restore the various and sundry timelines to the Mortal Kombat universe. Regardless, the reveal of just how these two ’80s icons will figure into the story will prove to be just as exciting as getting to actually play them in a fight.

In addition to the new gameplay trailer, NetherRealm also rolled out a preview (via Twitter) of the MK3 Cyber Ninja RoboCop skin. In a PlayStation blog post, NetherRealm Lead Character Artist Brendan George, who revealed scans of a RoboCop figurine were used to help create the character inside the game. George also revealed both of RoboCop’s signature suits seen in the RoboCop movies will be available to Aftermath players in addition to the special MK3 Cyber Ninja skin created specially for the DLC.

You can watch the official Mortal Kombat 11 gameplay trailer below. Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath rolls out on May 26. For more, check out the Joker-centric MK11 trailer here.

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