Héctor Elizondo & Britt Robertson on Working with Garry Marshall for ‘Mother’s Day’

     April 30, 2016


There has been one constant across the body of Garry Marshall’s thirty-plus-year directorial career: Héctor Elizondo. The character actor has appeared in every single Marshall film since 1982’s Young Doctors In Love. Sometimes Elizondo has a central role (see: Barney Thompson, the hotel manager, who takes a shine to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman). Sometimes Elizondo has a role so small he isn’t even credited (as a ‘Judge’ in Beaches). But no matter what the film, he’s always there.

In Marshall’s latest, Mother’s Day, Elizondo co-stars as Lance – the agent and confidante to Julia Robert’s high-powered shopping guru, Miranda. Elizondo’s basically the moral conscious of the picture, guiding Miranda into reconciling with the daughter she gave up years earlier (Britt Robertson).

In this interview with Elizondo and Robertson, they discuss their favorite Garry Marshall films and their most memorable moments from shooting. In addition, Elizondo reveals how Marshall’s directorial style has changed after all these years and how Marshall and he decide which character Elizondo should play in each picture. For the full interview, watch the video above.

Héctor Elizondo & Britt Robertson:

  • Elizondo and Robertson on their favorite Garry Marshall films.
  • Elizondo on Garry Marshall’s evolving directorial style.
  • Robertson on balancing the comedic and dramatic beats of Mother’s Day.
  • Robertson on improvisation in Mother’s Day.
  • Elizondo on how Marshall and he determine which role to play in each of Marshall’s films. (Of note: Elizondo tells a story about getting cast as an un-credited garbage scow in Marshall’s Overboard).
  • Elizondo and Robertson on the most memorable moments from shooting.

Image via Ron Batzdorff/Open Road Films


Image via Ron Batzdorff/Open Road Films


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