Here Are All the Movie Anniversaries That Will Make You Feel Old in 2019

     January 7, 2019


One of the reasons I’m excited for 2019 is that it marks the anniversary for some movies I’m excited to write about and need only “A round number of years have passed since this was released!” as an excuse. But it’s also good to look back at the effect these movies have had and how they’ve changed over time. Films like The Iron Giant and Fight Club flopped twenty years ago, but now they’re considered classics. Avatar was the biggest film of all time (and from a box office perspective, remains so) when it was released ten years ago, but how has time treated it? How do films like Batman, The Warriors, and The Wild Bunch look 30, 40, and 50 years later?

There are so many good anniversaries this year, and if you’ve never seen these movies or just want an excuse to watch them again, check out the list for what’s coming our way this year, and be on the lookout for our articles on plenty of these movies (oh, the writing we shall do on Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace…).

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