Movie Trivia Schmoedown Free 4 All – 35 Competitors!

     April 15, 2017

It’s time for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, Free 4 All Special Edition! During this match, 35 Schmoedown competitors will face off in one of the biggest Schmoedown events to date. Each will have to answer questions at random from a variety of categories to test their ultimate movie knowledge. From competitors like John Rocha, Dan Murell, Mark Reilly, Brianne Chandler, Perri Nemiroff, Jeff Sneider and many more.

While the Movie Trivia Schmoedown is known for it’s many rounds, categories, wheel and possible advantages to competitors, the Free 4 All tests competitors will categories completely at random. With each round, 5 competitors will take the stage at a time. The competitor with the lowest score is eliminated. Competitors can range from lasting one round while others may last for the majority of the Free 4 All. It all depends on their movie knowledge and skills.

In this match, there are now draws or sudden death. The last person remaining in this event will be declared the winner. When he or she wins, they have the option for a title shot of their choosing. They can go straight for the title belt, team belts or even the InnerGeekdom belt.

With this many competitors, this will make for the biggest Movie Trivia Schmoedown match ever. Broken into two parts, watch as the many incredible competitors fight for the win in order to get them the title shot of their choosing.

35 competitors enter and only one will be the winner.



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