MoviePass Is Now Restricting Which Movies You Can See

     August 16, 2018


Oh, you didn’t think MoviePass was done with drama for the week, did you? No, sir. The saga of the movie ticket subscription service continues to unfold with a new twist — now, MoviePass will restrict what movies you can see and when, offering a limited selection of six to seven titles per day. And if you open your app, you’ll find that shakes down to just about two or three titles at most local movie theaters.

The funding-challenged subscription service proved doubters right when it lost nearly $127 million last quarter, and while MoviePass has been insistent it’s not going anywhere, the service has spent the last few weeks flailing through strategy shifts. After a scrapping a proposed price hike from $9.95 to 14.95 a month, MoviePass announced that the would now offer a three-movies-per-month plan rather than their previous one-movie-a-day plan. Then came the news that the company was un-cancelling subscriptions via tricky opt-ins. MoviePass insisted those cases were the result of a technical bug, which was fixed on Tuesday. Honestly, I’m just tired. Give it a rest, MoviePass.


Image via Warner Bros.

For those who want to maintain their monthly subscriptions (or ride out their annual pass, which not restricted to the three-movie plan), you will now have between six or seven — it’s honestly not clear — titles to chose from daily, as announced in a new email to subscribers. The email explains that during a “transition period” subscribers will get to chose from up to six films daily, “including a selection of major studio first-run films and independent releases.” What’s more, the email notes that showtimes “may be limited depending on the popularity of those films on the app that particular day.”

You can see the options for the next ten days on the official website, but that’s also where the confusion comes in — it lists not six, but seven titles per day. Those titles are comprised by a bloc of five indies (you can see The Miseducation of Cameron Post, We Are Animals, Skate Kitchen, Summer of 84 and Juliet, Naked any day over the next ten days) and two alternating studio titles. If you want to see Crazy Rich Asians opening weekend, you’re going to have to wait until Sunday. If you want to see Mission: Impossible – Fallout, The Spy Who Dumped Me, or Mama Mia! Here We Go Again in the next ten days, you’re straight up SOL. They’re not an option.


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