If You Loved Netflix’s ‘The Half of It’, Watch These Movies Next

     May 8, 2020


In their original films and series alike, Netflix has become a proud home to some of the best teen comedies and high school romances in the industry. And wouldn’t you just know it, they struck gold again with Alice Wu‘s The Half of It.

Leah Lewis stars as Ellie Chu, a quiet top-of-her-class student who makes extra money to keep her family’s lights on by writing papers for her cohorts. But when a friendly but not-so-eloquent football player (Daniel Diemer) comes asking for help, it’s not with school, it’s with his love life. He’s fallen for Aster (Alexxis Lamire), a girl at their school, and he wants Ellie’s help writing her a love letter. The problem is, Ellie and Aster bond through their intimate communication, and Ellie ends up falling hard too.

Wu frames her narrative in sensual, luminous lighting and shots, and her script digs deep for the faults in all her characters, tackling small-town biases and bigotries, the raging hormones of burgeoning sexuality and tense emotions of closeted queerness, and the power of friendship and family as you try to carve out your place in the world.

If you found yourself falling for The Half of It and now find yourself looking for something similar to watch, we’ve got you covered. Now, the reason Wu’s film set such a spark is because it’s so singular, but there are plenty of movies that share similar themes, imagery, and that good ol’ frenzied feeling of teenage love. Check out our list below and be sure to sound of in the comments with your favorite movies like The Half of It.

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