James Gunn Shares 10 Awesome Underseen Movies to Watch During, Uh, “These Times”

     March 13, 2020


So you’re stuck at home, doing some self-quarantine self-care in the time of coronavirus. What the heck are you gonna do? James Gunn, filmmaker of such beloved works as Guardians of the Galaxy, Slither, and the upcoming The Suicide Squad has an answer. 10 of them, actually. Gunn took to Twitter to share, in his words, “10 GREAT MOVIES YOU LIKELY HAVEN’T SEEN TO STREAM WHILE YOU SELF-QUARANTINE” (all-caps his, not ours). His effort is to make social distancing as chill as possible (as in, he’s making the hashtag #QuarantineAndChill), and he’s doing so with a wonderful starter pack of cinematic goodies. Please enjoy this list of 10 underseen movies to watch while you stay the heck at home. And please wash your hands, avoid your face, stay safe, and stay sane!

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