9 Movies That Were Notoriously Difficult to Make

     February 5, 2020


Getting any movie made is a minor miracle. While the finished film only takes anywhere from 90-120 minutes to enjoy, years of hard work went into making that become a reality. It begins with the script, obviously, but production can be its own special nightmare, and then various decisions have to be made during post-production to put the film together just right. That’s not to mention the fact that, depending on how the film was produced or financed, you may have 5, 7, or 10 different people “in charge,” each demanding their own tweaks, adjustments, and changes. So yeah, moviemaking is hard.

But some films are particularly challenging to put together, and their “making of” stories could result in compelling movies in and of themselves. Below, we go through nine different films that were notoriously difficult to get made. From fired actors to budget overruns to PCP doses (seriously), these nine films were really tough to create, but they all reached the finish line—for better or worse.

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