A ‘Mr. Robot’ Prequel Comic Is Coming from Creator Sam Esmail

     July 17, 2018


Before we see Mr. Robot Season 4, the story will be going back in time a bit. Robot creator Sam Esmail is working on a prequel comic that will take place before Season 1 and chronicle the rise of fsociety. Esmail will be collaborating with Robot writer Jeff McKibben and illustrator Antonio Fuso, with the comic being published by Black Mask Studios.

Currently, the prequel is set to launch this fall, with more details being announced during San Diego Comic Con. USA hasn’t given any details on a fourth season for MrRobot yet, but that will likely come after the comic is published. The show’s third season aired in October of last year, and was renewed in December, and while its first season was a juggernaut for USA, catapulting the network into a new era of prestige TV offerings, both critical and fan appreciation tapered off as the show progressed at what many (this critic included) felt was a glacial pace. The character work on Robot has always been outstanding, though, particularly from Rami Malek, who won an Emmy for his role.


Image via USA Network

When it comes to the prequel comic, I would personally love to see more about Elliot’s non-fsociety work as a hacker / vigilante, like in those first Season 1 episodes of the show. At this point it feels like we already know quite a bit about fsociety, its origins, and its work, but Esmail clearly feels like there are more stories about it that need to be told.

As EW notes, “Previous Black Mask Studios comics include Calexit, a comic that imagines California seceding from a dystopian United States wrecked by climate disaster and political divisions in the not-so-distant future. Calexit is written by Black Mask publisher Matteo Pizzolo, who will also help Esmail and McKibben craft the story for the Mr. Robot comic.”

Pizzolo and McKibben will also be hosting a panel at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday called “Mr. Robot: Hacking Comics,” which will focus on transposing Mr. Robot’s TV world into comic form.