New ‘Mr. Robot’ Promo Teases the Return of Tyrell Wellick

     October 25, 2017


Oh Tyrell, we have missed you. The Patrick Bateman-esque figure loomed large over Mr. Robot Season 1, and the mystery of his disappearance fueled many of the early Season 2 episodes. Tonight’s episode, “Legacy,” will finally address what happened to Wellick, and what role he might play in Elliot’s life going forward (remember when we thought he might just be another personality?)

A new clip from the upcoming episode shows Martin Wallström‘s Wellick and Elliot again working together, but are we seeing the past, present, or future? I can say that having watched “Legacy” for my Season 3 review, it’s an episode that will be divisive. In many ways I think it would have been perfect to cap off Season 2, and might have made me more excited going into Season 3. But while it may not exactly feel timely, especially given how Season 3 has kicked off, I’m always ok with more Tyrell Wellick, and Wallström gives an outstanding performance over the course of this hour.

Check out the new promo below:

I won’t reveal anything else you guys remain spoiler-free (which is essential when it comes to this episode), but how do you feel about the reintroduction of Wellick, and what are your predictions for how he might fit into Elliot’s story moving forward? Also, how are you feeling about Season 3 so far? Let us know in the comments!

Mr. Robot airs Wednesday nights on USA.


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