‘Ms. Marvel’ Heads to Disney+ in Live-Action Series

     August 23, 2019

The future of the MCU may just be getting its start on Disney+. The streaming service will likely be a test kitchen of sorts for new Marvel Comics characters who may transition onto the big screen in the next Phase(s) of the world-famous feature franchise. So just as Disney+ is bringing some big-screen A-list talent to the streaming service to kick things off with slate of spinoff series, so too will they launch live-action shows to spirit superheroes (and supervillains, likely) into theaters. And a new report suggests than an early attempt at that approach will be a live-action take on Marvel’s first Muslim superhero, Ms. Marvel.

As THR reports ahead of Disney’s D23 presentation, Marvel Studios will develop the Ms. Marvel series now that the relatively younger superhero’s mentor and inspiration Captain Marvel has become a cornerstone of the MCU. They’ve also reportedly hired Bisha K. Ali (Sex Education, Four Weddings and a Funeral) as writer and showrunner for the series. We’ll keep an eye out for confirmation as Disney’s D23 gets rolling, along with more details should they become available.


Image via Marvel

Presumably, the series will focus on the latest iteration of Ms. Marvel, that of Pakistani American and Muslim Kamala Khan, who takes a form of Captain Marvel’s name as an homage to her idol. The hero herself has been around since 1977, but Kamala’s shapeshifting Inhuman version of Ms. Marvel arrived back in 2013. Once upon a time, current Captain Marvel Carol Danvers took the name for her alter ego, so now, Khan is continuing the trend. Don’t confuse their power sets though; this version of Ms. Marvel can bend and stretch her body into just about any size and shape, making her a similar hero to that of DC’s Plastic Man and Elongated Man.

As of the moment, it’s unclear just when the show will arrive and if/when its characters and storylines will be incorporated into the MCU. But the animated wing of Marvel has already tackled the character, notably in the recent Marvel Rising title. There, Ms. Marvel battled alongside Squirrel Girl, Quake, Patriot, and America Chavez. Don’t be too surprised if some of these names pop up along with Ms. Marvel herself in months to come.