Aziz Ansari and Justin Bieber Watch THE HURT LOCKER in 4D with Jeremy Renner in Promo for MTV MOVIE AWARDS

     May 27, 2010

Most movie fans think the MTV Movie Awards are a joke. And they’re right. It’s usually nothing more than a legion of fanboys (and more recently girls) voting over and over for their really crappy favorite movie in every category and totally ignoring event’s potential. That sucks because, really, the potential is there. A Best Fight Award? The Biggest Badass Star Award? These are way cooler categories than Best Short Film Documentary.

Even though The Twilight Saga: New Moon has a lot of nomination, 2010 certainly promised to be different, thanks in large part to the host. Aziz Ansari (Funny People, Parks & Recreations) will be taking the reigns this year and his promos combine two of the things that make the MTV Movie Awards fun: great movie references and popular celebrities that have nothing to do with them.  Case in point: the latest promo featuring Aziz and his best friend Justin Bieber watching The Hurt Locker in 4D.  It’s so advanced, it’s like Jeremy Renner is in the room chastising you.

Hit the jump for this video and other promos for the show which have featured Sarah Silverman, Zac Efron and others. The MTV Movie Awards air Sunday, June 6th.

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