MTV Developing Reality Show Based on CATFISH Documentary

     April 1, 2011


After making a splash at Sundance, and tickling audiences curiosity, Variety says the documentary Catfish will get a reality show treatment courtesy of MTV. Apparently the creative team from the film itself will be involved with the project. The original film follow NYC photographer Nev Schulman, who travels to Michigan to meet a woman he met on Facebook. But because we don’t want to spoil the movie and reveal the ending, if you want to know what the reality series would be about, you can find out after the jump.

The pilot is still in its infancy, but the series would probably focus on social network users who purposely misidentify themselves and the repercussions that occur. In Catfish, Nev Schulman finds out that this dream girl who seems perfectly normal via Internet, text messaging and phone calls is actually an older woman with a family who has crafted a fake persona and an entire fictional laugh around her. It’s pretty mind-blowing and even a little haunting. This might be the first reality series in years that actually interests me. How about you?