Listen to “Loyal Brave True”, the New Original Song from ‘Mulan’ Sung by Christina Aguilera

     March 6, 2020


Disney has released a sneak peek of the new original song “Loyal Brave True” from Mulan. In addition to the new song, which is sung by none other than Christina Aguilera, the clip also previews some epic new footage from the upcoming live-action remake.


Image via Walt Disney Studios

The newly-released clip from Mulan features both new footage from the live-action re-telling of the story and a brief clip of the new original song, “Loyal Brave True.” In a movie which will have no new songs, unlike the 1998 animated movie which made songs like “Honor to Us All” and “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” part of the zeitgeist, “Loyal Brave True” is like a breath of fresh air. The song pulls its title from a line spoken by Mulan’s father (Tzi Ma), who we hear say in the beginning of the clip, “Let me speak, ancestors, of the great warrior Mulan. The loyal, the brave, the true.” We then hear Aguilera’s voice chime in on the soaring ballad as we watch Mulan (Liu Yifei) suit up, say good-bye to her father, train with the rest of the Chinese army, and face off against the new villain, Xian Liang (Gong Li).

Aguilera as the chosen performer on “Loyal Brave True” is also pretty monumental. She also performed the original song “Reflection” for the 1998 film, a time when her career was just beginning to take off. As far as we can tell, with no other new songs included in director Niki Caro‘s take on the Mulan story, “Loyal Brave True” has the best chance of being the lone breakout hit. The rest of the Mulan soundtrack will be composed by Harry Gregson-Williams, whose previous movie work appears in movies including The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Martian, and the Shrek movies.

Mulan is set to arrive in theaters on March 27. Take a listen to the new original song “Loyal Brave True” below and get even more updates on Disney movies coming soon here.

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