Listen to Popular Artists Cover Beloved Tunes on MUPPETS: THE GREEN ALBUM

     August 15, 2011


It looks like the Muppets are coming back in a big way.  Not only do they have a tentpole film coming up this November (appropriately titled The Muppets), but there’s also a new album, Muppets: The Green Album that has popular artists covering songs from The Muppet Show and the previous Muppet movies.  There’s Weezer covering “Rainbow Connection”, My Morning Jacket performing “Our World”, OK Go doing their rendition of the “Muppet Show Theme Song” and nine more tracks.  I haven’t had time to listen to the full album, but these tracks sounded good.  I will give the disclosure that my opinions of music should always be taken with a grain of salt.

You can listen to the full album after the jump.  Muppets: The Green Album will be available to buy on CD and MP3 on August 23rd.

Via NPR.