More Cameos Announced for Disney’s MUPPETS Movie including Alan Arkin, Billy Crystal, and Jean-Claude Van Damme

     November 16, 2010


Just when you think Disney’s Muppets movie has a great cast of key players and cameos, they go and add more to the mix. Among the new names are Alan Arkin, Billy Crystal…and Jean-Claude Van Damme?

Last week, we got our first look at the film, followed by the news of nine actors, including John Krasinski, Paul Rudd, and Ed Helms, joining the cast (although we later discovered that Jane Lynch was not attached to the film).  Then, yesterday, more set photos came along showing Amy Adams and Jason Segel smiling it up with the new muppet, Walter. Hit the jump to find out what these new roles will be, as well as the other’s previously announced.

THR reports that Arkin will be playing a tour guide, while the previously announced Jack Black will be playing a kidnap victim. The studio and producers David Hobberman and Todd Lieberman are clearly not having trouble getting actors to sign on, to the film. However, it seems that they are having a hard time trying to schedule what appears to be the biggest stars in Hollywood right now (save for Van Damme and Crystal) to appear in the film.

At this point the movie seems to be doing absolutely everything right to convince me that it will be nothing short of amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the coming weeks a couple more cameos are announced, as I have no trouble believing that the producers and Segel can get anyone at this point.


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