Must-Watch 80s-Style Video of the TRON LEGACY Viral Campaign of Flynn’s Arcade

     July 31, 2009

Tron Legacy movie image.jpg

This year’s San Diego Comic-Con had plenty of fantastic stuff that was worth checking out and while I didn’t agree with every line people waited in, there was one outside the convention hall that was worth the wait: “Flynn’s Arcade”.

Only a few blocks from the Convention Center was a recreation of the famous “Flynn’s Arcade” and going inside was like a trip back in time.  Every famous 80s game you could imagine was there (Steve made a bee-line straight to the “Tron” machine) along with an air hockey and foosball tables along with a quadraphonic jukebox for good measure.  It’s not really fair to call it nostalgia since you weren’t remembering it fondly; you were really there.

While you still might be kicking yourself for not going, there’s a viral, 80s-style that AICN just turned up and it helps to recreate the experience.  Keep in mind, if you already feel bad about missing out on this, it’s probably just going to sting even more.  Suck it up and watch it after the jump.

Thanks to AICN for posting this. I’ve also learned to accept Harry’s unique vernacular of “boner-inducing” and “seat-wettingly”.

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