First ‘Mute’ Trailer Teases Duncan Jones’ Sci-Fi Netflix Movie

     January 30, 2018


At long last, Netflix has released the trailer for Mute, the new film from Moon and Source Code filmmaker Duncan Jones. The long-developing sci-fi pic stars Alexander Skarsgard as a man unable to speak who’s searching for his missing girlfriend in future Berlin. He crosses paths with a pair of U.S. Army surgeons, played by Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux, who have an agenda all their own.

Jones has been wanting to make Mute for a very long time, and he got his shot when Netflix agreed to finance the venture. The movie was actually shot back in the fall of 2016, and Netflix has been holding on to it for quite some time. Jones moved right into Mute after helming his first major studio foray, Warcraft, which disappointed at the box office but had unique vision in spades.

The cast here is terrific, and there’s a delightfully off-kilter tone that promises Mute will be unlike most other sci-fi movies around. This is not your typical Blade Runner ripoff (although the visuals are heavily inspired by that Ridley Scott classic), and I can’t wait to see what the full film has in store. Moreover, Jones has said Mute takes place in the same universe as Moon and Source Code, so I’m curious to see if any overt connections are made.

Check out the Mute trailer below. Written by Jones and Michael Robert Johnson, the film will be available only on Netflix on February 23rd.

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