MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING Sequel Moving Forward with Nia Vardalos and John Corbett

     May 27, 2014


12 years after the first film took the box office by storm, a My Big Fat Greek Wedding sequel is finally moving forward.  THR reports that Playtone, HBO, and Gold Circle are producing the comedy follow-up, with Nia Vardalos reprising her role from the first film alongside returning co-star John Corbett.  Inspired by her life growing up in a Greek household and marrying a non-Greek, Vardolos went on to nab an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay with My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and she has written the script for the follow-up as well.  Hit the jump for more, including the plot of the sequel.

Per THR, the new story for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 involves “the reveal of a family secret and a new wedding, described as bigger and fatter, that brings the Greek clan together again.”  I haven’t seen the first film since it came out, but it will be interesting to see how much of that audience is keen on revisiting these characters.  The box office climate of 2014 is wildly different than that of 2002, specifically with regards to its lack of adult romantic comedies and female-led films.  Though I have no personal investment in a Greek Wedding sequel, lt will be refreshing to have a film of this kind back in the marketplace.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding still stands as one of the most successful independent films of all time, as it grossed $368.7 million worldwide against a budget of just $5 million.  It also holds the record for the highest grossing film that never topped the box office charts.  Joel Zwick directed the first pic, but a director is not yet attached to the sequel.  Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson will also return to produce.

Revisit the trailer for My Big Fat Greek Wedding below.


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