May 25, 2009

MY BLOODY VALENTINE.jpgThe original “My Bloody Valentine” came out in 1981 and is considered a cult classic.  Though not many saw it, those who have (including me) have developed a following for its downright intense death sequences and inventive ideas (for its time).  In fact, Tarantino himself called it his favorite slasher film of the 80’s.  Since everything these days is either a sequel or remake, it was only a matter of time before Lionsgate decided to release a newer, updated version of the film.  Instead of just creating some garbage, popcorn movie, they decided to spend a lot of money getting a decent cast and implementing the use of 3-d technology.  Honestly, the results were not disappointing.

My Bloody Valentine 3D DVD.jpg

The film takes place in the town of Harmony (quite ironic since so much death occurs there) where a mining accident occurs and kills everyone working except a man named Harry Warden.  Harry falls into a coma and wakes up some time later to grow crazy and return to the mine after terrorizing the hospital he was staying at.  A group of young kids, including Tom, his girlfriend Sarah (Tom’s dad owned the mines), and Axel and his girlfriend are there partying like it’s any other weekend.  Once they enter the mines, they find the deranged Harry Warden who promptly attempts to kill all of them.  They escape at the time, but the carnage has been unleashed- many people are slaughtered.  The police show up and shoot Harry, seemingly ending his life and the terror he has sprung.  The film wastes no time jumping right into the action and the even though the deaths are unique, the use of 3-D pushes their effect even further.

The film flashes forward to ten years later, when Tom returns home from an extended absence to sell the mines.  Since his father has died, he is the majority owner of the mines and wants to close them down for good- he has never fully recovered from the event years back, and wants to rid the town of the memory.  Though he felt like it was the right thing, selling the mines would make many people suffer, and Tom faces the moral dilemma of helping himself against everybody else.  When he first arrives, he runs into his ex Sarah, who has now married the town sheriff, Axel.  Since he and Axel used to compete fiercely in high school, he is saddened to see that Sarah has settled down with him and you can see the hurt from the very beginning.

Tom’s return to the town brings more than just bad memories, as horrible murders begin to occur.  Though all of the evidence points to Harry Warden, whose grave was found empty, Axel is convinced that Tom is responsible.  Perhaps he is blinded by his rage and jealousy of Sarah’s true love or maybe he has done some fine detective work…we never really know until the end.  Considering the audience it was targeted at, the themes and writing of the film were actually pretty solid and executed just as well.

my_bloody_valentine_3d_movie_image__2_.jpgThe star of the show here is the implementation of 3-D technology.  I must say that this was the best use of the technology I have seen yet.  Even the opening title card for Lionsgate is impressive and you can tell that they didn’t just use this as a gimmick to sell more tickets.  They invested a lot of money in the product and actually filmed many aspects of the film for the 3-D format.  Sure, many of the deaths would have fine in standard 2-D format, but this was much better.  Trust me, seeing rocks and body parts flying towards your face never gets old, and I have now seen the film three times…I doubt I would have without the 3-D glasses.

If you go into this film without extremely high expectations, you will certainly enjoy your time spent with it.  As I said, the story is crafted and executed fairly well with great death scenes.  Since the 3-D is the star here, they have done a successful job with what they intended.  I assure you that any fans of slasher films will enjoy this film, even without the snazzy glasses on.  Do yourself a favor and invite some buddies over to watch this film…you will probably be talking about for a while afterwards.

Film Rating: B

Special Features

my_bloody_valentine_3d_movie_image__1_.jpgThis version of the DVD contains two discs, with not a whole lot on the first besides commentary.  Note that the cover of the DVD is a cool hologram showing the killer swinging his pick axe!

“Deep Inside my Bloody Valentine” is a featurette that focuses on the creation of the coal mine set and the bad conditions that the production had to deal with.  The feature was interesting, but I feel like it wasn’t really that intense or informative.  It should have been included with something else in my opinion.

“Sex, Blood, and Screams” focused on the gore and makeup effects of the movie.  This was honestly one of the best special features, and it was not only informative, but awesome to watch.

“Tom, Pick, and Harry: Alternate Ending” was just a stupid different ending that was wisely used as an alternate…trust me, the original is better.

Of course you then have the standard trailers and deleted/extended scenes.  Nothing groundbreaking here as just about every DVD has these.  It should also be noted that the 2-D film of the film is also on here, but with the inclusion of 3-D glasses, why would you even bother?

Special Features Rating: C+/B-

Overall Rating: B

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