Exclusive ‘My First Kiss and the People Involved’ Clip Teases A Bold Feature Debut

     February 14, 2020

We’ve got Sonic the HedgehogFantasy Island and The Photographer all vying for box office gold this holiday weekend, but what if you’re looking to spend the time home sweet home? Yes, Netflix and chill is always a great option, but if you’re interested in discovering a new, distinct voice in the the industry, Luigi Campi‘s feature directorial debut, My First Kiss and the People Involved, could be a great option for you!

my-first-kiss-and-the-people-involved-posterThe movie stars Bobbi Salvör Menuez as Sam, a young woman living in a group home in New York. Sam is silent and avoids human contact at all costs so when she suddenly speaks a few words, the other folks in the home are shocked. It turns out, that sudden change might have something to do with one of her caregivers, Lydia (Liza Thorn). When Lydia leaves the group home, Sam becomes suspicious of her departure and suspects foul play might be involved so Sam sets out to find her.

Campi is a graduate of the Columbia University Film MFA program and worked on My First Kiss with a number of other graduates including producers Rob CristianoGerry KimKo-Rely PiAndy Nguyen, and Mayuran Tiruchelvam. The team saw the film through a healthy festival run which included stops at the Los Angeles Film Festival and also the New Orleans Film Festival where it won the Audience Award. If you need more convincing that My First Kiss and the People Involved is worth your while, click here to give the film’s trailer a watch and check out our exclusive clip at the top of this article. The movie is now available to watch on Amazon Prime in the US and Canada.

Here’s the official synopsis of My First Kiss and the People Involved:

Sam (Bobbi Salvör Menuez) is a silent young woman living in a group home. She shuns human contact and retreats in a world of her own – until her caregiver Lydia (Liza Thorn) suddenly goes missing. As Sam sets out to find Lydia, a shocking turn of events forces her to confront reality, uncovering a tale of violence that shatters her fragile world.

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