This Week in Animation: ‘My Hero Academia: Two Heroes’ Extends Its Theatrical Run

     October 6, 2018

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My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Surpasses $5.1 Million at Box Office, Extends Theatrical Run


Image via Funimation

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes has wowed audiences across the U.S. and Canada and had moviegoers flocking to theaters to watch the first ever feature film from the global hit anime franchise My Hero Academia. To meet the ongoing demand from audiences, Funimation Films is extending the movie’s run, which was originally set to end last night. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes will now be available on additional dates of October 4 & 6 in the U.S. and October 5-11 in Canada. Virtually all 500+ U.S. and Canadian theaters from the original release are participating in the extended run, which will include showtimes for both the Japanese language (English subtitles) and English dub versions depending on exhibitor and location. As of last night, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes has surpassed $5.1M at the box office and is now ranked as the 11th highest grossing anime film of all time domestically.

“Fans will understand when I say that the response to My Hero Academia: Two Heroes has truly been Plus Ultra!” said Gen Fukunaga, CEO and President of Funimation. “We’re thrilled to make the film available for additional dates at virtually all 500+ U.S. and Canadian theaters from the original release. If you thought you missed My Hero Academia: Two Heroes in theaters or you couldn’t catch an encore screening, now is your second chance.”


Image via Funimation

Check local listings for U.S. and Canadian locations and showtimes on October 4 & 6 or October 5-11, respectively.

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