Catch Up with ‘My Hero Academia’s First 3 Seasons on FUNimation Now

     July 31, 2019


My Hero Academia may just go down as one of the best anime series ever made … but it’s not there yet. The tale of Deku, a powerless kid who grows up to be the world’s #1 hero, has yet to be completely told even though it’s already worth the watch. So whether you’re new to the crew or just want to experience the story so far over again, you might want to check out the seasonal collections on FUNimation. Season 3, both Part 1 and 2, are available now on digital and Blu-ray, along with a bunch of other worthy anime titles. I’ve reviewed a new batch of the newly available shows below, so check them out to see what you might be missing!

For the uninitiated, FUNimation is a U.S. company known for their dubs and domestic distribution of Japanese anime. So all of the reviews you’re about to check out are for the dub version of each anime, though some Blu-rays/DVDs have a Japanese audio option as there are some exceptions to the rule. Below, you’ll find the official synopsis for each movie and series, along with a link to pick up your own copy at FUNimation’s online store, should my review convince you. Sometimes, it’ll be an easy thing to suggest you buy it, other times, it’ll be just as easy to go in the other direction.

My Hero Academia: Season 3, Part 1 & 2

Image via FUNimation

Part One:

Summer is here, and the heroes of Class 1-A and 1-B are in for the toughest training camp of their lives. But nothing could prepare them for a surprise attack from the newest members of The League of Villains. When a student gets taken away by force, it’s time for the pros to step in. Get ready for All Might’s most critical battle with the mastermind of the League, All For One!

Season 3 features some of the best storytelling in My Hero Academia so far, starting with the requisite recap episode before quickly moving into some truly heroic tales. We get to meet Kota, a young boy with a tragic past and an understandable distaste for heroes. We also get to watch the heroes-in-training enjoy a (brief) stay at a summer camp, which comes with much more than they bargained for when the League of Villains reveals their dastardly plans. But while Deku’s one-man stand against a powerful foe in order to protect a defenseless child is vital to the hero’s story, what really sets this season apart is the final clash between All Might and All For One. That’s the end of one generation of heroes and the beginning of another.

But our heroes still have a lot to learn: They get new gear, costumes, and ultimate moves, and they’ll need them all if they’re to pass the provisional hero trials. We get a peek at their fight ability–as well as their strategy when it comes to defense and disaster response–but we also get teases for the new villains moving into the power vacuum and the heroes tasked with responding to the emerging threats. It’s perhaps the best season yet, and there’s plenty more to explore in the Blu-ray sets.

Special Features include:

  • Interview with Daiki Yamashita (voice of Deku) and Yuki Hayashi (composer)
  • Inside the Episodes videos
  • Dub Outtakes and more!

Image via FUNimation

Part Two:

Class 1-A is fired up to earn hero licenses after All Might’s epic battle with All For One. Once they’re official, Deku and his friends can finally join the pros in the field. But first, they must pass a brutal exam that’s brimming with school rivalry!


  • 3 exclusive art cards (while supplies last)

Special features include:

  • Interview with English voice actors and ADR Director
  • Inside the episodes videos
  • Dub outtakes and more!

Special Features:

Part One:

Image via FUNimation

Inside the Episodes (a peek behind the scenes of voice recording and voice direction): In this featurette, you get to see actors take direction from Colleen Clinkenbeard, plus trivia like how they record with their hands covering their mouths to mimic wearing gas-masks, a low-tech way to save on post-production!

  • Kota
  • Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!!
  • From Iida to Midoriya
  • One For All

The Outtake Reel is also delightful, so don’t miss it!

Part Two:

Inside the Episode:

  • Create Those Ultimate Moves
  • A Talk about Your Quirk


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