MYSTERY TEAM Adventures: The Case of the Haunted Hotel

     August 10, 2009


Most of my online colleagues already knew “Mystery Team” was great because they saw it at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.  I assumed it would be great because of DERRICK comedy’s previous work and I was not disappointed when I saw the film at Comic-Con.  I feel bad that I have to wait till October to see it again (although if you live in these cities, you’ll have a chance to see it sooner).

Thankfully, DERRICK has released a short film called “Mystery Team Adventures: The Case of the Haunted Hotel”.  They premiered it at Comic-Con but now it’s online for the world to see and it gives a good sense of the feature’s “PG-characters in an R-rated movie” humor.  Hit the jump to check out the new short.  “Mystery Team” begins a limited release on August 28th and expands nationwide this October.

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