30 Games We Want to See on a Nintendo 64 Mini

     April 13, 2018


Nintendo has had a must-buy gift of the holiday season for the past two years with the NES Classic Edition and the Super Nintendo Classic Edition, so it stands to reason they would move to a miniature version of their 3rd generation console, the Nintendo 64.

Now it’s possible Nintendo could skip this generation for several reasons. For starters, the N64 didn’t have that many amazing games as opposed to other consoles where there’s a wealth of great titles. Also, some of the best games (GoldenEye, NFL Blitz) would likely run into licensing issues. Then there’s the cost of the controllers, which are bulky and could be too much to produce.

But if we’re making a wish list, we shouldn’t be constrained by these limitations. And if Nintendo wants to own another holiday season, then we should look forward to an N64 Mini.

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