Naming Names for the Characters of Christopher Nolan’s INCEPTION

     August 19, 2009


For a film directed by one of the most talented young directors in Hollywood, with one of the highest grossing pictures of all time under his belt, and sporting an incredibly talented cast, not very much is known about Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”. What we do know is that it’s a “scifi action film set within the architecture of the mind,” and that it’s cast includes the considerable skills of Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy, Marion Cotillard, and Michael Caine, just to name a few. You may also recall the recent set photos that found their way online. Now we can add a list of character names for a few of the actors to the short list of info. Hit the jump to learn more.

Inception on set movie image Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page (3).jpg/Film has posted a section of a call sheet for the film, with a list of characters and actors. According to this sheet, Ellen Page will be playing Adriadne, Joseph Gordon Levitt will be Arthur, Tom Hardy is Eames, Ken Watanabe is playing Saito, Dileep Rao is Yusef, Cillian Murphy is Fischer, and Tom Berenger will be playing a character named Browning. You may notice that missing from this list is DiCaprio’s character, who is not listed explicitly on the call sheet, even though he is the lead in the film. This may be more of Nolan’s tricky secrecy that he employed to such success with the two Batman films, or maybe DiCaprio just wasn’t working that day. There is a cryptic reference to a CODD, which may be a code word for Leo or his character.

While not confirmed in stone, there are some speculative character descriptions floating around that set DiCaprio as a CEO type, Marion Cotillard as his wife, Ellen Page as DiCaprio’s grad-student sidekick, and Ken Watanabe as the film’s villain. We’re sure to learn a bit more this Friday when the flick’s trailer premieres with prints of “Inglorious Basterds”, unless of course Nolan pulls another “Dark Knight” teaser and all we get is dialogue and a logo…that shifty vest-wearing tease.

Like most, I’m a huge fan of Nolan, and it’s not just because I’m a sucker for anything with pointy ears and a cape. He has the potential to one of his generation’s best filmmakers, with incredible films like “Momento”, “The Prestige”, and yes “The Dark Knight” already on his fairly short filmography. This flick already sounds like a winner to me, even if I am a bit bummed that Nolan had to turn down “The Prisoner”. Here’s hoping for an exciting, intriguing trailer this Friday and an even more exciting, though-provoking film on July 16th, 2010.

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