How the ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Finale’s Big Reveal Sets Up Season 2

     November 23, 2018

narcos-mexico-image-sliceWarning: Spoilers for the Narcos: Mexico finale below!

The Narcos: Mexico finale was a twisty and tense journey that saw one major character’s story end, and another’s come back to life. The shrewd and calculating Felix Gallardo (Diego Luna) managed to stay ahead of those trying to bring him down, while Kiki Camarena (Michael Peña) tragically lost the fight. One of the triumphs of this season of Narcos: Mexico was how invested it made us in these stories of two men and their dogged obsessions — ones that were diametrically opposed and poised for conflict. The results of that conflict were devastating for Kiki and his family, as well as his friends in the DEA, but it spurred on a new era of the War on Drugs.

Since there was so much that happened in “Leyenda,” including that major reveal at the end that introduced a new character that’s also an old one, I’ve broken down some of the biggest moments of that finale and what they might mean for a potential Season 2 below: