Netflix Renews ‘Narcos: Mexico’ for Season 2

     December 5, 2018

narcos-mexico-imageWarning: Spoilers for Narcos: Mexico Season 1 below!

It’s not surprising, but it is still a relief: Netflix has renewed its Narcos spinoff, Narcos: Mexico for a second season. The end of the first season essentially set things up for a new story, one starring Scoot McNairy as a new breed of DEA agent to replace Michael Peña‘s unfortunately slain Kiki Camarena. In some ways it felt like it undermined Kiki’s story, not allowing him to narrate (for obvious reasons) and making Season 1 feel like a long prologue to the advent of Scoot’s character Walt. What was more successful was seeing Diego Luna‘s heel turn as the drug lord Felix Gallardo, who turned on his friends and family to secure power for the Guadalajara cartel, coming in with an army for a boss-level takeover. Him barely surviving the events of Season 1, and what it cost him to continue, made for exceptionally compelling work.

As for what Season 2 might cover, well, we’ll surely see the continued growth of Guadalajara as well as the establishment of Amado Carillo (José María Yazpik) as “The Lord of the Skies,” as Mexico becomes the primary route for Colombian cocaine making its way to the United States. Still, with some of the main cartel characters now behind bars, including Rafa (Tenoch Huerta) and Don Neto (the excellent Joaquín Cosio), there will be some other members for us to get to know better as well (including, probably pivotally, Alejandro Edda‘s El Chapo).

As for the DEA, it was clearly established that Walt and Operation Leyenda will bring about a new kind of fight in this never-ending drug war, one no longer works with the local governments or waits to be approved, but which smuggles in guns, works undercover, and essentially does whatever is necessary to take out the major players. (And by the way, with this renewal I think we can officially call it Season 2 rather than Narcos Season 5. There is some crossover, but Mexico is definitely its own world).