Natalie Brown Talks THE STRAIN, Vamp Camp, Possibility of Flashbacks in Season 2, Her Personal Vampire Apocalypse Survival Plan and More at NYCC

     October 20, 2014


If you haven’t gotten to episode 10 of The Strain yet, I’d highly recommend avoiding this interview because it’s a total game changer for Natalie Brown’s character, Kelly Goodweather.  I got the opportunity to talk to Brown at San Diego Comic-Con and, at the time, I’d only seen three episodes and dubbed her component the family drama portion of the show.  That’s still true to a point, but certainly not in the same way anymore.

Again, this interview is packed with spoilers, so do not continue on unless you’ve completed the first season or at least know what goes down in episode 10, “Loved Ones” – one of the show’s most powerful installments by far.  If you’re ready now, hit the jump to hear what Brown told me about seeing her character through one heck of a transformation, what was going through her head during a particularly intense moment at the end of the season finale and loads more.

the-strain-natalie-brownNatalie Brown:

  • 00:00 – On the auditioning process for the role of Kelly.
  • 00:39 – What happens at Vamp Camp.
  • 01:24 – What’s required of the actor to ensure that the VFX team can insert the stinger.
  • 02:15 – Incorporating the biology of being infected while also letting actors interpret it their own way.
  • 03:06 – Taking Kelly from human to vampire.
  • 04:07 – Did they shoot episode 10 in order?
  • 04:27 – On the vampire makeup process.
  • 06:06 – What’s to come for Kelly in season 2; the possibility of using flashbacks.
  • 07:07 – Her reaction to watching episode 10 for the first time.
  • 07:57 – What’s going through Kelly’s head during her encounter with Zach in episode 13?
  • 09:08 – Her hope to explore the Kelly/Eph relationship further in the second season.
  • 09:33 – Shooting season 2 in Toronto in November.
  • 10:09 – Coming to real New York and imagining how things would progress if a vampire apocalypse really happened.
  • 10:33 – How would Brown go about surviving a vampire apocalypse herself?




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