Natalie Portman Dances into Darren Aronofsky’s BLACK SWAN

     June 15, 2009

natalie_portman_image__2_.jpgBefore “The Wrestler” made it on to just about everyone’s top ten list of films from 2008, director Darren Aronofsky had trouble getting a movie called “Black Swan” out of pre-production.  The supernatural thriller, set in the world of the New York City ballet, was put into turnaround by Universal back in 2007.  Apparently the idea of supernatural ballerinas just wasn’t thrilling enough for the studio.  But what if Aronofsky could get a big star into one of those tu-tus?  Way more thrilling, I’ll bet.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Aronofsky has convinced Natalie Portman to play the lead in his revived “Black Swan”.  Portman is definitely a star big enough to get the picture back on the fast-track – and by big I mean really famous, of course.  Natalie Portman is actually pretty tiny.  She is also a trained dancer (just one of her many talents) so how perfect is that?

The film centers on a veteran ballerina who finds herself locked in a competitive situation with a rival dancer – one who may be a supernatural apparition or a really skinny delusion.  With a revised script from Mark Heyman and the whole “Natalie Portman” element now in the mix, Aronofsky has suddenly found his “Black Swan” back in demand.  There’s no firm deal in place but several studios are said to be “keenly interested” in the project. And hey! If it doesn’t work out the director still has that little “Robocop” remake to fall back on…

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