Nathan Fillion and James Gunn – Exclusive Video Interview

     May 11, 2007

Last night at the Saturn Awards I witnessed a classic moment between two great friends. In the backstage area, where the winners would answer questions, Nathan Fillion and James Gunn came in together and had a great exchange which I got on camera.

Nathan pretended he was a journalist and asked James a bunch questions. At the end Nathan asks James what are you going to do now and James says he’s going to shove it in Eli Roth’s face! Was he serious…you decide…

If you’re a fan of either Nathan or James you’ll love this interview.

After the kidding around James said that his next movie will be more serious and it’s different than the other horror movies out there. Didn’t say much else about the plot except a lot of the same people are involved.

I close up the interview by asking if he’ll ever direct an episode of “The Office” as his wife is Jenna Fischer and she plays Pam. He says he gets asked this all the time but “The Office” isn’t really his style. I told him he should do a Halloween episode and I even pitched him an idea…

Tons more interviews are coming… check back later.

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